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TP 4000
LR 1000 CD 7500 TP 4000 Custom Solutions

The revolutionary FotoPoint Tile Printer is a high speed, high capacity UV or solvent ink jet printer capable of producing fully variable, high quality images on tiles at up to 80 feet per minute.   No plates or screens to produce, simply load the tiles into the automatic feeder and image files and the system will automatically print any number of tiles, from 1 to 1000ís.   FotoPoint will work you and your other equipment providers to develop a fully integrated tile production system. 

The system is can be configured at order time for printing either UV curable ink for pre glazed applications or solvent based solutions that post printing firing applications.

Proven FotoPoint high speed transport enables continuous printing capability for rigid flat objects.  High resolution printheads with continuous ink recirculation provides for robust printing of various ink formulations. 

Key Benefits

  • High resolution Process printing provides high quality printing with no set up time. 
  • Multiple sizes up to 12 inch wide, 18 inches long. 
  • Fired inks provide exceptional durability
  • UV inks provide rapid turnaround

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